Working to Deliver YOU

Clarity and Peace of Mind in a Fast-Moving
and Rapidly Evolving World

Regardless of what stage your start-up is in, you are constantly presented with new challenges that overwhelm you, preventing you from focusing on parts of the business that require your full attention.

That's where we come in! We make it our business to plan, build, and execute necessary strategies you require to reach the next stage in growth. In a rapidly changing world and ever growing industries, the key to success lies within not only knowing when to do something, but in also how to do it. Let our experts guide your start-up in the right direction in order to prevent it from falling victim to start-up pit-falls that can easily be avoided when properly planned for.

Our Mission

F.O.F. Technologies, LLC is the first and only information technology company in the U.S. to integrate faith-based values into its company by-laws. We are here to serve all communities with the finest and most affordable services in web development, graphic design, and I.T. solutions based on the fundamentals of generosity and religion, catering to the financial needs and requirements of our clients rather than of our own!

We Believe



And the Prophet said:

"Indeed [our Lord] loves the one who, when he performs a work, he performs it with  perfection."

As a goods and services company, we firmly believe in providing high-quality products and services that adhere to the very best in quality control and assessment practices. In turn, this allows us to provide our clients with the highest level of service and craftsmanship, guaranteeing the quality and level of work to always be of the highest standards.