Who Are We

FOF Technologies is a small, forward-thinking, and highly-agile provider of solutions in the fields of business development and information technology.  We specialize in providing a level of client-service that is uncommon with larger firms by offering highly customized solutions for a wide range of business needs at a fraction of the cost. We aim to be your “one-stop-shop” solution for whatever it is your business demands.

We Cater To


Do you have a start-up that needs access to comprehensive business tools and affordable I.T. solutions?


Are you a Small to Medium-sized Enterprise that needs to recognize growth in your sector?


Due to our compact size, we are able to offer custom, enterprise-level solutions at a fraction of traditional industry prices.

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The following is a list of the business development services our clients generally request.  If you would like to see the full list of our services, please press the button below to order our full Services menu.

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Marketing Services

We provide in-depth analyses of market segments covering industry facts, governing regulations, and market trends

Business Planning

We create detailed outlines and plans covering the implementation of your project from start to finish

Brand Consulting

Our seasoned branders employ Skinnering methods of psychology to help create more awareness around your brand and company image

Web Development

Our developers are experts in a wide range of object-oriented languages that can tackle any issue you have

Strategy Modeling

Our strategy experts formulate sound business models based off of tried-and-true methods that deliver results

Graphic Design

Our skilled designers utilize methods from behavioral psychology to effectively deliver messages via state-of-the-art design principles

Why Us?


Market Penetration

Our marketing methods and branding strategies provide you with a fighting chance to compete in saturated and cut-throat industries


No matter the size of your organization, growth is always the primary objective.  Let us help you break away from your lulled progress and plateaued profits


Our tailor-made sustainability plans provide you with well formulated "road-maps" that show you how to maintain and promote consistent growth within your company

Affordable solutions

Due to our global presence, our competitive prices give you access to enterprise-level services and solutions for a fraction of the traditional industry prices


Never again will you have to deal with several companies just to achieve a single objective. Our full-spectrum service offers you a One-Stop-Shop solution for everything you need under a single roof

Personalized Service

We assign you qualified experts that will have direct contact with you at the times you specify.  Our professionals will be available to you remotely and seamlessly, all done via a personalized approach


Below you will find some of the companies we helped build from the ground up.
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What can we help you with?

Please fill in the information to the right completely and clearly.  The more details you include regarding your question(s) or requests, the better we will be able to assist you.